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Sell Gold and Silver in Cheektowaga, NY

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Cheektowaga, NY

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Sell Gold and Silver - Cheektowaga, NY

Do you have some jewelry that is just collecting dust around the house? Bring it to Buffalo Gold Rush. We buy, sell and trade various items including gold jewelry, silver, platinum, diamonds, bullion and more. We offer some of the best prices for our customers' items. We serve customers in the Cheektowaga region.

When you come to our store, one of our friendly staff members will appraise your item and we'll offer you a fair deal. We'll perform the appraisal right in front of you, and you can decide whether to sell your item. You can leave our store with your cash within minutes.

Apart from buying, selling and trading jewelry, we also work with other items as well. If you want to buy or sell electronics, sporting equipment, or even scrap metal, just come to our store.

We have a team of highly qualified staff members who will treat you with the utmost respect and professionalism. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and we guarantee that you'll have a great experience at our store.

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